The Collective:

Chad Borgen and The Collective consists of Upper Michigan natives, Chad Borgen on guitar-vocals, Mary Kerttu on Bass and percussive time keeper technician Clint Kyro on drums. At the center of this trio is a tasteful awareness of musical appreciation. Borgen’s fusion of rock, country, jazz and folk is quite the amalgamation. An interblend of sound that is distinctively deep rooted, served up with plenty of humor, and a slight animated wild abandonment in a performance not to be missed. 

Chad Borgen:

By no means it is a stretch to say Chad Borgen loves to play the guitar. Having had musicians around in his early life, an understanding of the stringed instrument more clearly at the age of 8, and his first musical group at 12, Chad knew instinctively that the guitar would open positive paths throughout his life. The Upper Michigan native has forged a successful passage of musical opportunities and exploration that have taken him to many areas globally that the guitarist claims has molded his “audible identity”. 

Chad’s latest musical outlet, Chad Borgen and The Collective, is maybe perhaps the best vehicle to help channel his appreciative musical guitar exploration. The Collective blends the unique guitar/vocal handlings of Chad, the groove-tastic tasteful playing of Clint Kyro on drums (who seemingly has a lust for the band Journey) and the steady pulse, bass stylings of the ultra-talented Mary Kerttu.  The “Collective” is a nod to their musical peers and influences while mixing it up in their own style of bluesy, frothy funk, chicken pluckin’, psychedelic, four on the floor, count’em and weep musical frolicking. It’s fun or the whole family. 

Chad’s first musical deliverance will come early 2020. After rambling about through his recording archives of the past 20 years and finding over 80 plus pieces of unique musical compositions ranging from all musical styles, Chad has decided to release some of this material throughout the new year.


Peace, Love, Be Kind 

About Chad: